A production still from SOLAR, an intergalactic 
 action adventure film. The proof-of-concept is
 currently in production. Contact us for more

 SITTERS is a home invasion horror
 trilogy currently in development
 with Filmed Imagination.

- K. Lonergan

Armed for Entertainment

"Filmmaking, like any
 other art, is a very
 profound means of 
 human communication;
 beyond the professional
 pleasure of succeeding
 or the pain of failing,
 you do want your film to 
 be seen, to communicate
 itself to other


In addition to being a full service production company, Lock N Load Pictures (LNLP) has the capacity to both develop projects in-house as well as acquire outside material, ranging from book rights, TV pilot options and completed film scripts.

Exceptional stories in treatment or outline form will also be considered under certain circumstances.  For more information on our FILM SLATE or script/project submission inquiries, please use the contact page.